Get to know us!

What is Genderbands?
Genderbands began in March 2015 as a way to pay for the owner’s top surgery. After that, our focus changed in the interest of raising money for other transgender and gender non-conforming people to receive top surgery.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help transgender people pay for transition related costs.

Currently we are accomplishing our mission through a Top Surgery Grant for trans-masculine people and giving out free binders (when available).

How Can I Help?

The best way you can support our goal is by donating, ordering our products, and spreading the word.

After you’ve purchased a wristband or t-shirt, spread the word on social media! Like our Facebook and tag us in a post wearing your cool Genderbands merch on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

You can also get us something off our Amazon wishlist!


Don’t have money? No problem. There are many volunteer opportunities at Genderbands! Go to our volunteer page to see all of your volunteer options.

Ian Giles

Genderbands is a business geared towards alleviating transgender dysphoria. Every purchase supports our FTM Top Surgery Grant Program and makes a life-altering surgery that much more achievable for a trans-masculine person.

Why alleviate dysphoria, and why focus specifically on top surgery? My name is Ian Giles, and I am the founder and President of Genderbands. I am a transfluid FTM transgender person, and I know what dysphoria feels like. I know how absolutely suffocating it can be to feel trapped in your own body, and I also know how life-changing top surgery is for trans-masculine people. Genderbands began as a way for me to pay for my own top surgery, and proceeds did help me make that a reality. In July 2015, I was able to receive top surgery from Dr. Charles Garramone.

Top surgery changed my life for the better: after years of feeling constrained by my own chest, I could finally breathe. As a single parent, I understand the costs of having surgery are often prohibitive, especially if you have a family. I wanted to find a way to support other transgender people in receiving their own top surgery so I decided to use Genderbands as a way to raise money for them in the form of a surgery grant. I dream of helping many transgender and gender non-conforming people live a life without dysphoria.

Since its beginning, Genderbands has grown. We offer more wristband options and are branching into t-shirts as alternative ways to earn money. I look forward to seeing how this business grows and changes as time goes on, as well as the lives it will affect for the better. I appreciate your part as you join us on this journey.