FTM Top Surgery Grants

Genderbands is currently accepting applicants for our surgery grant, which provides financial assistance for FAAB individuals who plan to receive top surgery and have already raised a portion of the necessary funds. Applicants do not necessarily need to identify as a transgender man— non-binary people are welcome to apply as long as they want chest surgery and do not identify as a cisgender female.

To apply for the grant, fill out our online form. Include information about your financial need, funds you have already raised, and other details about your intended surgery. We will be reviewing applicants and announcing our grant recipient in the coming months so keep tabs on us via our website and social media.

While we hope to expand our grant recipients to all transgender individuals and gender confirmation surgeries, we can only accept applications from FAAB-identifying individuals pursuing top surgery at this time. We can also only award one grant at this time to maximize the financial support we can give.

That being said, if you are a non-FAAB individual or do not receive our grant, you may meet the requirements for other grants offering financial aid for gender confirmation surgeries. Check out these grants from Point of Pride and The Jim Collins Foundation and, if you qualify, send them an application. Saving up for gender confirmation surgery can be tough, but thanks to the variety of grants available, you can receive the assistance you need.
Point of Pride

  • What it is: Point of Pride is a non-profit organization based in Oregon and run by Point 5cc, a transgender clothing and apparel business. In addition to their free trans chest binder and femme shapewear donation programs, Point of Pride also runs an annual transgender surgery fund. Similar to a scholarship, this grant provides financial assistance to trans men or women who cannot otherwise afford gender confirmation surgery.
  • How to apply: Point of Pride’s annual application season runs from midnight EST on November 1 to 11:59 PM EST on November 30. Submit your application online, including information about your financial need and funds you have already raised. Although not necessary, Point of Pride encourages applicants to include a letter of support from a medical/mental health professional who can recommend you for surgery.


The Jim Collins Foundation

  • What it is: The Jim Collins Foundation offers two grants for transgender individuals planning to undergo gender confirmation surgery. The General Fund covers 100% of the medical fees associated with their surgery. The Krysallis Anne Henbrough Legacy Fund covers 50% of the medical fees associated with their surgery, with the requirement that each recipient match each grant dollar with their own funds.
  • How to apply: This foundation only accepts applications during their annual grant cycles, the next of which opens May 15th, 2018. Submit your application via their online form. Include a letter of support from a licensed medical or mental health professional, the name of the surgeon you intend to receive surgery from, the identity of the person/people who will care for you post-surgery, and an essay detailing your financial need and efforts you have made to fundraise so far.


Article by Andy Winder

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