Do you have to transition to be Transgender?

Photo: Charlotte Clymer – Credit: Channel 4 News UK

I read a comment on facebook today, on a trans page (I point this out to draw attention to the unneeded hate and bashing within the trans community as the commenter was most likely trans), and I just have to say something for all my trans friends here.

The commenter said that the Transwoman who the post was about was not really trans because she was not medically transitioning. Although it was not directly said in the original post, it was hinted that this woman could not afford to transition. She, however, was brave enough to be out and very open about being trans. She wears makeup and dresses though she does not even remotely pass. I think she’s beautiful.

Anyway, the commenter said this person was not really transgender because she was not transitioning. The commenter said a “real” trans person would take hormones and have surgery. They said this beautiful transwoman was “just a man in a dress”. I, of course, told them how wrong they are.

What I want to say is, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TRANSITION TO BE TRANSGENDER!!! Let me say that one more time for those in the back. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TRANSITION TO BE TRANSGENDER!!

No person, trans or cis, has to prove their feelings to you. NO ONE. Trans people do not have to prove they are trans!!

Some people do not transition because of lack of funds. Some don’t transition because of pressure from family, friends, or society. Some, and I know this may be hard for some of you to comprehend, some trans people CHOOSE, yes, choose not to transition. And no matter the reason, they are STILL trans!












What makes you transgender is identifying as such. This woman was assigned male at birth. She, however, always knew she was a woman. She says she is a woman therefore she is. Period. End of story.


Written by Ian Giles


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